10 Signs your staying at a {luxury} Hotel 

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1. Your wow’d when walk in the lobby.

2. They have breakfast, but you have to pay for it.

3. Room service looks like this.

4. There’s Real coffee spoons in your room.

5. Family pool v adult pool

6. Hotel has a private beach for families and a separate one for adults

7. You are served drinks, food, and have a cold towel boy while enjoying the sun, sand, & ocean

8. Your hotel has an outdoor spa on the beach

9. You don’t have to leave the hotel.

10. You don’t have to clean up your own mess.
Photos are from our Christmas trip to Key West. We stayed at the Casa Mana (gotta get those Hhonors points!)

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9 thoughts on “10 Signs your staying at a {luxury} Hotel 

  1. That looks amazing! I have grown up in Florida and have never been to the keys, it’s sad and needs to change! Although we are thinking about doing sandals in Jamaica this year for our anniversary.

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