10 Tips for Last Minute Travel 

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1. Be open – I’m not saying you have to go to the airport with no destination in mind (although that could work). But be open to airports you are willing to leave from and times of flights.

2. Skip lagged is your friend. We use skiplagged for almost all our flights! It shows you different flight options and pulls the cheapest flight.

3. Have a favorite hotel chain? Or two? Join their rewards program to earn points back. Personally, (after a raw deal on a 4 star resort, that was more creepy than nice, I made a rule to always stay at a Hilton when traveling. I do sway away from this occasionally but the point is the same, whereas, we are Hilton honors members. This year we reached Gold status, which allows us to receive bonuses back on our stays, free bottles of water, and other amenities.

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4. In those times I do sway, I use Priceline. Priceline helps you stay on budget by offering hotels at low rates and even deals where they offer you a very disconnected price for a hotel assigned to you after you’ve paid. You simply select the stars and location!

5. Carry cash. You just never know when you are going to need a couple bucks to pay a cab, street vendor, or anything else!

6. Do a little Pintrest research on the way there. Reviews and writings from others can give you suggestions on where to eat and what to do when visiting somewhere you aren’t familiar with.

7.Drive when possible. Not only does this give you more freedom but it also can often help you save money on your trip!

8. Pack snacks, when possible. Oatmeal bars and dried fruit make great, easy to pack snacks! This will save you time and money. If it is not possible to pack snacks, find a local grocery store and pick up a few items for your time away.

9. Pack light. Chances are you don’t need 5 ball gowns and 10 pairs of shoes.

10. Use a Travel checklist to make sure you pack everything!

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