5 Reason I use a {Laundry Service}

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1. It keeps me from loosing my mind. As the sole laundry-doer for our family of 5, laundry is never ending. It’s piled up in the laundry rooms, everybody’s hampers are running over and I can NEVER, and yes, I mean ever get ahead.

2. Anxiety Free. The piles of laundry send my anxiety out the roof. Besides feeling like a complete failure on the imaginary, good mom chart, I get overwhelmed and quite frankly, down right hateful when I see all the laundry I still need to do.

3. They fold our clothes correctly. I cannot, nor do I ever have hope of ever folding our clothes so they are wrinkle free. This keeps me from practically ever having to iron anything and it makes my husband happy to always have wrinkle free work clothes.

4. They match your socks. This, in our house is worth gold. To have already matched socks ready to put away for 5 people, keeps me from wasting my time sorting socks.

5. Doing all your laundry at once keeps down piles of washed clothes that need to be folded and put away. After picking up the laundry, it makes it easy to put the already folded clothes in drawers so everybody is set to go.

Basically, our laundry service provides my family with clean, wrinkle free clothing and me, with sanity. Some splurges are worth it.

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