Back to School (with Amazon)

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It’s that time of year again. Time to buy pencils, notebooks, folders & crayons. So whether you are a teacher or a parent like me, I’ve put together a few things you can save yourself some time and pick up on Amazon.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, Don’t Worry …. Here is 30 days FREE (just cancel after the 30 days if you don’t want to continue receiving Prime — >

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or Teachers check out this Amazon program just for you….

Anyways, what to buy?

A Backpack (click it to buy it)

Star Wars is on SALE for less than $10!


PENCILS : Buy 150 Number 2 Pencils for $12

NOTEBOOKS : (Kate Spade is my favorite…click it to buy it)

OR buy in 6 packs to SAVE!

Folders come in 6 packs too! Who knew?

Crayons, Colored Pencils, and Twistables … OH MY!

Comment below and let me know what you are buying for school!

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