How to Make Money Off Your Fitbit

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Day after day you wear your fit bit, why not earn extra cash for doing so! There’s several ways to earn some extra cash off your Fitbit. Download these APPS and link your Fitbit to start earning:

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods – once you open a FREE scorecard where you earn money back on purchases, you can link the “Move” section of the APP to your Fitbit. For every day you reach 10,000 steps they apply 3 points to your scorecard.
  • Walgreens – open a free Balance Rewards Card online or at any Walgreens and link your fitbit to earn points based on your activity. For every 5,000 points you receive you get $5 to spend in store (or possibly online).
  • Every Move – based on your insurance provider you may be able to earn gift cards for being active! The more active you are the faster you earn money to spend!
  • Fit Studio – You sign up for “classes” and earn perks you can spend at Kmart
  • Pact – This APP rewards you when you meet your goals and penalizes when you don’t. Each week you select your goals and what your pact for that week will be.

One thought on “How to Make Money Off Your Fitbit

  1. I never knew about any of these. I don’t have a fit bit, but my step dad does and he walks about 7 miles a day for fun and does landscaping by trade. This would probably be great for him, so thanks for the heads up!

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