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Some days being a parent is tough.

Your home demolished by toys, finger smudges on every surface, half empty milk cups left in “hiding places”. Some days, right from the start, you are ready for nap time… silence. Maybe a moment where all of your kids are asleep, no one knocks on your door, phone on silent and you can rest. Heck let’s be honest, there are days you want to hide in the bathroom for an ounce of alone time.

Every parent has been there, if you haven’t I want to know your secret!

Days you have a to-do list a mile long, a hard day at work and you come home to an attached child: needing you and only you.

Yes, some days parenting is hard.
Society, social media; make us feel like we aren’t good enough. We feel the pressure of constantly being compared to others. It’s unfair really, we exhaust ourselves trying to do what’s best for our kids, our spouse, our home and for some our career. We juggle all these things, yet we still take on more- evening activities, weekend projects. It never ends!

Once the kids are asleep you try to put the house back together. Try to eat an uninterrupted meal or even take a hot shower. Spend some time with your spouse… if you’re lucky enough to not have them sleeping on your toddlers floor to keep them in their own room. It really never ends. A constant cycle of ups and downs.

Real life.

But some days I can’t help but think why? Why waste our time trying to impress others, fill our schedules with endless items that ultimately leave you feeling empty.

Part of my journey, our family journey is finding peace where we are right now. Finding joy in the small things. Enjoying the moments we have, right now while we have the chance. I’m trying to stop comparing myself to other moms, wasting time I could spend with my little family. Surely others may look more put together, have nicer things, do all of the extra activities with their children and still find time to paint their nails. That’s wonderful, good for them. Really! They are taking care of their family and themselves the best they can. I bet at some point they have felt the same way.
I wish instead of tearing each other apart with competition and criticism we could just focus on raising the next generation of kind, respectful & smart young people.

Some days my kids eat chicken nuggets or peanut butter & jelly all day…. but they are fed. Other days we watch too much tv, stay in our pjs all day…. but we are together. We aren’t perfect but we are happy. We are lucky because we have each other. We have what we need, we are so very lucky to say that.

In my home a floor covered in toys usually has laughter in the room, two kids playing on the floor together. Hand smudges all over shows that my kids are brave, exploring. Constant questions, testing boundaries shows a willingness to learn and grow. A movie means a chance to cuddle together on the couch, to just be still and take in the moment. Even hiding for a moment in the bathroom helps me take a break in stressful times so I can be a more peaceful parent. Rest helps me refresh and continue to focus on being the best version of myself I can be for my family.

Everyday isn’t perfect, but most days are pretty dang great. If you are trying…. your kids will notice. Try to be easy on yourself mama, you are your own worst critic after all.
Stressed, yes! But still so blessed.

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