Rent the Runway Review 

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The moment you have been waiting for has arrived. My review of a month of Rent the Runway’s unlimited program is here.

My closet, although busting with clothes, seems to always lack what I want to wear prompting me to give Rent the Runway’s unlimited program a try.

The unlimited program allows you to rent up to 3 pieces (clothing or accessories at a time) for a flat rated price. If you are thinking about renting a single piece, I have noticed you are often better off to do unlimited as far as price, however, all of their items are not avaible with the unlimited program (the select is large regardless).

You can give it a try for yourself here —>

I sign up, select my three pieces, and wait. 4 days later (yes, it was over a weekend) I’m notified one of my pieces wasn’t avaible. I immediately select another piece and my clothes ship the same day. My pieces arrive the next morning and I try them on, deciding to send a black jacket back immediately because it just wasn’t for me.

I also received a blue jean dress and a romper with black pants and attached white lace top. Both pieces I loved. The dress I would have purchased if it hadn’t of had a small chip missing out of one of the buttons. I wore the dress several times and got compliments both times. The romper fit perfectly and was top notch. However, after discovering there was no way for me to get the darn thing back together after using the bathroom in public I gave up on wearing it out in public.

A week, yes a week, later I call Rent the Runway because the jacket has never been marked as returned on my account nor am I able to select another piece. The very nice customer service representive tells me there was a problem with shipping and allows me to select a new item. I do.

The next day, I am notified the jacket has been returned but the Drapper James jeans I picked to replaced them is no longer available. I select a black romper. It arrives two days later. It fits very oddly.

I dropped all three pieces off to be returned this morning.

The verdict ?

My hope was to rent 5-7 pieces a month to enhance my wardrob (because we all know I am wearing yoga pants the rest of the time). This seems a little unrealistic at this point, shipping seems to take forever. I’m not seeing the two day shipping that was promised. I will probably stick it out another month…so stay tuned for an update. Everybody deserves a second chance, right ? Besides their clothes are FABULOUS.

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