The Smokies for Less 

Yes, a last minute trip, Labor Day weekend is, well I’ll admit it obserd. I went to bed the night before we wanted to leave feeling defeated, we always stay in a cabin so I can bring my baby, our 10 pound Batdog. 

I posted to Facebook and in no time a friend had offered that maybe her friend could help me. And she could! We ended up staying in a condo that I had paid for hours earlier, but saved a good $300 from the typical cost of a cabin! 

Once there, we checked out the aquarium’s new Pearl Harbor exibit and the newer play area they have set up since the last time we were there. (There’s usually always a coupon in one of the visitor books you can pick up basically anywhere, for free!) Riples also offers a multi-activity pass that is great if you want to also check out other attactions such as mini golf, the Belive it or Not Murseum, and much more. You can find them on their website or simply buy the pass at any Riples attraction. If you are doing 2 attractions or more I recommend getting the pass and utlilizing the savings it can provide. 

Food cost is another large portion of any road trip. PLAN your meals, PLAN when you are spending money on “nice” meals, and PLAN to eat some meals at fast food places instead. Also, if you are staying in a cabin or condo it is possible to bring or purchase groceries (there’s a Food City right on the Parkway) and eat a meal and snacks for less! 

While saving on meals, attractions, and a place to lay out head, we decided to splurge on dinner at the Dixie Stampede and check out the Island at Pigeon  Forge. I also scored a pair of boots for my little boy and 2 pairs for Christmas gifts (one for him in the next size up and another for my niece) for $70 at one of the buy one get two free boot stores. 

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  1. So I have to be perfectly honest, in past seasons I wa;7&#821nst too sure about you, but on this season it is becoming quite apparent to me that you seem to be the most adult on the show. Kudos to you for not choosing sides and trying to address issues directly with people instead of talk about them behind their back.I am guessing your midwest upbringing has somewhat played into that (I saw this as a woman who was also raised in the midwest but now lives in the city).

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