Unboxing my {Essentail Oils} : & Starting my Journey

My Young Living box arrived with my Premium Starter Kit last week (at a super fast rate)! Because we were away on our trip to Key West I wasn’t able to open my box until now. 

First, I open my Dewdrop defusser. ((Super easy to use, and wow! Does it put out oils! I bought one on Amazon a couple weeks ago for cheap and it doesn’t work nearly as well as dewdrop. I put Christmas Spirit in it and you could smell it thru the whole house (best part, my door was closed and it still went thru my house! )) 
This is the top of a very nice box my oils came in.I open it to find these 12 oils staring back at me. 
It also, had a sheet to help me sort thru my oils.

Lavender – promots relaxation and sleep

Peppermint Vitality – supports normal digestion, and all the other wonderful benefits of peppermint

Frankincense – helps with the appearance of smooth skin, use in a relaxing massage, or diffuse for meditation.

Copaiba Vitality – promotes wellness

Lemon Vitality – diatary supplement

Thieves Vitality – Immune Support

PanAway – great for use following physical activity

R.C. – diffuse to inhale or dilute and apply to chest, neck, & throat

Purification – neutralizes odors and enhances the air when you diffuse

DiGize Vitality – supports normal digestion

Tea Tree – creates an aromatic environment, can moisturize the skin, used in a lot of spa products

Hidden away in the bottom of the box, Stress Away oil, NingXia Red x2 (nutrician supplement), little bottles to make my own mixes & carry friendly versions of oils, & sample packets of oils with small, description cards to share with my friends! ((Or use as travel size))

The freebies have already started! I got a free bottle of Chrismtas Spirit! ((Already defused it and it was amazing!!))

Want one of your own? 

Use this link to get one:


Email me at thekeptwife@thekeptwife.org

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